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Shirley's Sweet Creations, maker of wedding cakes, custom cookies, cupcakes & more... Shirley's Sweet Creations

Shirley’s Sweet Creations is a confection company based in Mississauga, Ontario, specializing in Custom Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Cookies and Handmade Truffles for All Occasions. Booker Design recently completed a rebranding of Shirley's, including three logos, wordpress website, business cards and flyers.

Wedding Cake Design

Shirley's Sweet Creations to create Toby & Melissa's Wedding CakeShirley's Sweet Creations - Wedding Cake Design

Toby first met Shirley Nguyen, owner of Shirley's Sweet Creations, when he and his fiance Melissa hired her to create their wedding cake. Because Toby and Melis were designing so many elements of the wedding themselves, the cake had to fit their specific theme. They discussed their ideas with Shirley and Toby offered to create some designs for Shirley to reference. She loved the idea so Toby and Melis got to work...

Wedding Cake Ideas

We told Shirley that we were brainstorming ideas for the cake. We wanted to incorporate the "Gear-Theme" as well as our silhouettes.

Wedding Cake Concepts

Toby designed three concepts but were leaning towards the couple under the tree design (with gears for leaves).

Final Cake Design

Shirley loved the design and I sent her all the shapes and sketches for her to work her magic.

Toby & Melissa's Wedding Cake

Shirley did a fantastic job on our cake.

Wedding Cake Comparison

As you can see it was pretty much spot-on.

Cutting the Cake

Melis & Toby didn't even want to cut it!

Throughout the design process of the cake, Shirley and Toby worked very well together, largely due to their complimentary design styles. Shirley received many compliments on the design of the cake and enjoyed the branding of the wedding so much that she hired Booker Design to redesign her logo, website and promotional materials.

Graphic Design

'Shirley's Sweet Creations' needed some new branding. Shirley's Sweet Creations - Graphic Design

The Shirley’s Sweet Creations brand needed a fresh dynamic new look. Shirley wanted something that was elegant yet modern and a visual representation of what clients could expect from her work. She also wanted an alternate logo to attach to her kiddie-specific treats line of confection.

Toby got to work and began pumping out samples for both logos. After a while, the look began to take shape and the new 'Shirley's Sweet Creations' brands were born. Once the logos were approved, Toby quickly produced business cards and promotional flyers for each:

Elegant Sweets Logo

Elegant Sweets Logo

Horizontal Logo

Horizontal Logo

Kiddie Treats Logo

Kiddie Treats Logo

Elegant Business Card

Elegant Business Card

Promotional Postcards

Promotional Postcards

Kiddie Business Card

Kiddie Business Card

Website Design

'Shirley's Sweet Creations' required a modern, dynamic website.Shirley's Sweet Creations - Wedding Cake Design

Shirley wanted a functional wordpress website complete with blogging-capabilities, image galleries and social-network integration. Booker Design began work on assembling a site that would be very user-friendly and intuitive; also including many automated features syncing post updates to Facebook and Twitter with several notable features:


Shirley's Sweet Creations - Blogging

New posts are automatically highlighted, categorized, archived and posted to Facebook & Twitter.

Social Networking

Shirley's Sweet Creations - Social Network Integration

Facebook updates & posts and new Tweets are automatically listed on the website sidebar.

Dynamic Galleries

Shirley's Sweet Creations - Galleries

Facebook Photo Galleries synced with website. New Facebook photos auto-populate to website.

Shirley's Sweet Creations - Website Design

Shirley’s Sweet Creations new website was launched successfully a short while later. You can view the website at :


Click Here
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