Wedding Theme Development

For their big day, Toby and fiance Melissa wanted to develop a unique theme to incorporate throughout their wedding.
Wedding Theme of Toby & Melis

One of the first big decisions by Melissa & Toby was the wedding favours. They wanted to find a memorable frame-set to go with the PhotoBooth they planned on for the wedding. Melissa did some research and found a set of gear-shaped frames available from Umbra, so they snatched up enough for all the guests. While brainstorming wedding themes, Mel suggested something to do with gears and Toby loved the symbolism.


After several failed attempts, Toby developed a concept for the invitation that Melis loved...

and the wedding theme started to take shape.

The idea of using interlocking gears for the invitation carried over to the wedding logo. The idea was to assemble a series of gears that fit together perfectly to make up a heart.


The theme was then incorporated in the placecards, the menus & wedding favours:

Placecards Menus Favours

Wedding Conceptualization

A short video including some concept animations created during the design aspect of the wedding invitations, placecards & thank you cards.

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